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Their wedding on Lake Union was summer hot in early Fall so the best of all worlds came together on this day. Carmen loved the fall colors and they were in full bloom, and their guests had the treat of being on the waters of Lake Union in the warm evening air. It was another perfect wedding on a perfect Seattle day.

As a Wedding Planner there's always the couples that you just fall in love with, in fact most of the couples I work with, I guilty of this. I get to know their families, close friends, their animals, and I just adore all of them! Our lives are so intertwined for sometimes up to twelve months.. There's always a build up of emotions, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and coming into wedding day for me, as their planner, there's also the reality that I probably won't see or talk to them as much after their big day. There's so much fun, heart and soul that goes into helping to prepare these couples to have their dream weddings. I don't ever want to lose contact with them after! And I'm proud to say that the feeling is usually mutual. Carmen and Zach were no exception... It's so wonderful to reflect back on their day and I have oh so many more couples to share with you.

These wonderful photos were taken by JayLee Photography.

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