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Winery weddings

Who doesn't love the romance of a wedding in a winery! The rich colors are built in and all you have left to decorate are the final unique touches of each couple. I've had the pleasure of working at a few of the local wineries in Woodinville and each time I am giddy with anticipation of styling the venue. I have to say that styling (anywhere) is one of my absolute favorite things of the whole planning process. It's hard work because I am always hands-on but I have my lovely co-part, Megan always right in there with me and who also loves every detail of it! Over the past few years we've gathered so much decor to use we can literally set up Sweetheart to Cake tables, and how each area is going to look right from the office! Couples go crazy for the decor they have to browse through and pick from.

From wine barrels and crates to typewriters and lace, the possibilities are endless at a winery. The thing that they all have in common, beyond the beauty is how they light up at night. Strands and strands of lights overhead with the sound of popping corks is nothing short of the impeccable ending to the perfect day.

Photos by the so talented Mandi Asplund of A Moments Focus Photography

Beautifully captured by Lynnsey Phillips of Lionlady Photography

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